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AbleCIS is the simplest and easiest to use complete CIS system in town that runs entirely over the Internet. Whether you are a CIS system novice or a professional, this package is ideal for you. HMRC statistics show that the package has an excellent track record and has achieved a 100% e-filing success rate over 3 years.

Simple CIS300 Solution: To process your CIS you simply enter the gross amounts you wish to pay your respective sub-contractors into the system and the system will automatically calculate the tax and net pay for you. Once the pay and taxes are calculated you can print Payment and Deduction Statements in a nicely laid out PDF format, over the Internet, and distribute these Statements to your sub-contractors. A consolidated report, telling you the net amount you need to pay to each sub-contractor, is also provided. The system can easily handle sub-contractors invoices which contain VAT amounts.

At the end of each tax month AbleCIS will compile all the payments and deductions you have made during the month in a HMRC CIS300 electronic monthly return form. Then, with a click of the mouse, your CIS300 monthly returns can be e-filed to the HMRC.


Auto-Tax Code Verifications and Updates: AbleCIS can link to the HMRC Verification Request Server at any time for you to verify any of your sub-contractors tax status individually or in a batch. Once a sub-contractor's tax status is verified, the system will automatically update it and instantly reflect the tax status in your latest payment and deduction calculations. The tax verification system will remove any worry about whether you may have over-deducted or under-deducted a sub-contractors tax and give you peace of mind in the event of a HMRC inspection.

Enquiry E-mail: sales@ablecis.com OR Tel: 020 8438 9791